January 18, 2020

10 Amazing Benefits of Travelling | What travelling teaches us about life - Pahadi Travelers

For me Travelling is like breathing. I'm kind of obsessed with it. I think everybody must travel in their life to get a closer view of this beautiful world. I've learnt so much from travelling and in this post I'm going to share Top 10 benefits of travelling which I reckon will give you an opportunity to understand the importance of travelling in one's life. 

You need exposure in life to grow up and travelling gives you that most of don't realize that travelling is important and makes our life more meaningful and filled with different moments to cherish later.

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Below I'm writing down 10 perks of exploring the world and learn what does travelling tells us about life;

1. You get to know the world when you travel

When you travel to a certain new place in the world, you get to see the world from even closer than it does in books. You connect to the locals and feel the vibes of the culture. Personally, When I visit a new place the first and foremost thing I love to see how the place welcomes me, how it is presented to me? The environment of that place expresses that place in the first sight. 

2. You build more memories to cherish later

When you travel you make certain memories that gathers a special place in your heart. You meet people and spend time with them and make some unforgettable moments with them. You do some things that you have never done in your life like participating in adventure sports etc. 

3. You become more self-confident and independent

While on a travel tip you faces lots of unfamiliar situations and tackling those situations build up confidence in you. Your belief on yourself increases when you go out and be in foreign environment, where you have to handle every single situation by yourself. You find out that how strong you've become within a short span of time.

4. Your Language Skills become more finer

When you visit a place far from your homeland you learn new languages from there. While connecting with people you are not aware of the fact that you are somehow getting familiar with their language and speaking skills. You are not only seeing them instead you are adapting them simultaneously.

5. Your tolerance power enhances

You meet people who are lot more different than you. Sometimes you have to just accept the way they do things, you tolerate things and accept Real-Life situation as it is. Things do not always go as the way they are planned, so you just need to be more tolerant and that's what travelling teaches you.

6. You discover the Real You

People gets to discover their genuine things. I personally discovered the real me when I've started travelling, I have found out my truth of life. You become aware of your strengths, powers, character, nature etc. You are giving time to yourself by travelling that's why you are getting the feedback for yourself your flaws, your strengths etc. 

7. Travelling Improves your Health

It's a loop: When you Travel you become Happy, when you become happy eventually you become healthy. Exploring new places and adapting new things affects your physical and mental health too. 
You'll get rid of mental tensions and pressure when you drown into the immense beauty of nature.

8. You get stories to tell your younger generations 

You experience some unusual things which later becomes a story to make your Children laugh. When you look back and remember the things you've done, you realize how amazing those days were and narrate those things to your children to let them know about those craziest moment of yours.

9. Your thoughts get more creative

One of the most amazing benefits of travelling is that it allows you to be more creative. You get a glimpse of new landscapes and experience the different colors of the community. You learn how to do new things. Your level of creativity increases as you fall alone into a new land. 

10. Travelling Broadens your Horizons

Travelling broadens your Horizons. You see the things going in the world at the very latest, your interest area gets wide. You discover new issues, happenings, rituals around the world. You learn how to cope day to day challenges. 

Travelling teaches us a lot about life, everybody should travel and give time to themselves as they do their other works. Travelling needs to be a priority for humans to make their life better mentally, physically and socially. 

Is there any other benefits of travelling ? Do Let us know in the comment section below..

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  1. So true! Travelling teaches us a lot about life, and you have summed it up very well. Thanks! :-)

  2. Great article! You are right, traveling is so great in many ways. Some people travel very far to find themselves.