January 07, 2020

How To Earn Money While Travelling ? Make money in 2020

Everyone wants to earn money to enjoy life stress free but what if I tell you that you can make money and live a life that is free from all sorts of negatives simultaneously, is it legit?  

Well of course it is, yes, you heard it right everyone can make money while travelling to different places and discovering the pleasure of Nature. 

Money is a prominent factor in life and achieving it some people work so hard day-night but still can't fulfill their fantasies, in contrast, making money and satisfying their goals goes hand in hand for some people.

How to earn money while travelling in 2020

Here we are listing some best ideas to make money while travelling the world:
(These are the most legit ways to earn money while travelling according to us)

1. Travel Vlog

If you love to capture things and have a potential to stand out from the crowd, you can go for a Travel Vlog. 

A Travel Vlogger is someone who makes Travel Video Blogs , it's like presenting a Travel Blog( we'll talk about travel blog later in this post) in terms of Visuals. You need to present yourself to the viewers and provide them stuffs that are informational to them. 

Show them how you do it , the starting , the process everything. Plan your Trip and record everything that you tackle throughout your day so that people who are watching your video can get an idea about the things to care about while Travelling.

The only thing you should possess in yourself is to be humorous and presentable, so that your viewers could really connect with you. Adding a little humor makes your video more genuine and enjoyable. The Best Platform for uploading your Vlogs is none other than the most popular YouTube. 

Upload your Videos to YouTube and as you all know consistency is the key in creating a travel VLog. 

You need to be consistent in order to achieve subscribers, show your travel trips to the world and one more key thing is just be yourself, be who you are, showcase your talent and make money through Travel Vlogs.

2. Travel Blog

A blog about Travelling is something that can let you present your journey in terms of words and articles. You can make a Blog and introduce people to your journeys and trips. To Become a Travel Blogger you just need dedication, Time and Patience. Write authentic content don't copy from others, just write your own thoughts .

It'll take a little time to make your Blog get popular among readers but it's worth it . 

You can earn a good amount of money from travel blogs. When your Travel Blog starts getting enough traffic you can apply for Adsense and other things such as Amazon Affiliate etc. to earn money from your Blog. 

The Most Interesting thing I like about making a Travelling Blog is that you explore much more about things, you get know things, People admire you for your Writings and the bond that forms between Writer and Readers is something kind of magical. 

There are many websites related to Travelling which pays you to write and publish Articles such as Nat Geo and lonely planet etc. 

You cannot do Blogging in your comfort zone you need to get up and find things in order to provide your readers as much information about certain things. Don't Just write, write, write.. , write to connect, write to influence, write to provide information.

3. Stock Photography

First, to become a Stock photographer you need to have a passion in photography and you should possess skills that can be helpful in making your photographs even better than the usual. When you travel to a certain place you can capture the beauty of the surroundings and present them to people all over the world with the aid of website. 

There are many websites where you can upload your pictures , for instance, Shutterstock sells your uploaded pictures to their clients and pays you the commission. Other examples of sites are Dreamstime, Getty Images, Fotolia, iStock etc. 

One important point of stock photography is that you need to capture some extraordinary, beautiful shots because that's how your photo will grab the attention of the buyers. 

Don't upload regular shots because your pictures will not seem enough noticeable and it will get ignored. So make sure you catch some remarkable pictures and start making money by uploading them to above mentioned websites.

4. Be a flight attendant

Yes, you heard it right a flight attendant. Flight attendant is a member of crew for a flight who is available for the safe and comfortable travel of the people on board. 

Most amazing thing that is available to flight attendants is that they can travel the world. You can fly for free of cost or at a reduced rate. The job of flight attendant is kind of flexible. You meet new people all around the world during your work. 

We know it's a really good job to get you travel around the world that's why we have specified it here. If you are interested in travelling the world and want to earn money too , this is a kind of job where you can do both. 

You have to get the training for becoming a Flight Attendant there are number of organisations all around the world from where you can start your career as a flight attendant career. 

Flight attendants are required for both International and domestic Flights, jobs are presented by Airline Companies such as Qatar Airways, Air India and much much more.  

5. Through Skype

Skype is one of the world's leading telecommunication Platform which lets you to connect with people over video and voice call from Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops. So, the question is how can one earn money from Skype? 

Well one can provide tutor classes , online therapies, be a life coach , a business consultant, a singing teacher and many more things in which he/she have enough knowledge so that people can learn over the call. 

You are named as "Provider" while the person who is learning from you is named as "Caller".

You can withdraw your payment on your PayPal Account from Skype. 

This is one of the simplest method to earn money if you are expert in any field and by giving some time while travelling to your callers you can earn a good amount of money and use that to fund your travel trips. 

6. Teach English

There are Many non-English countries in the world where people are eager to learn English. If you have a great experience in English and own a fluency in it, you can really try this one. 

You can apply for the jobs in various countries such as china, south Korea etc. It is one of the most popular ways to earn money while living and travelling in another country. 

You can work as a english teacher between 15-40 hours per week and earn a decent income , adopting a great lifestyle. 

There are many people around the world who earn money while teaching english in countries where native language is not english. 

In the beginning, we were not aware of this that how can one travel while teaching english in some non-english country but here we are recommending this because after knowing about it we have added this to our list, it is indeed a great avenue for those who are working full time as a english teacher and are not able to fulfill there travel fantasies.

7. Work as a Freelancer

On a freelancer platform you can find massive number of jobs. You can apply for the one in which you have a good grip. For example, 
If someone is programmer he/she can apply for a project which involves some coding stuff such as building an application or making a website, so the organisation which posts the job will pay you for doing that project for them, the process is smooth. 

There are jobs for Graphic designer, programmers , Photographers, Writers etc.

You can also work as a Translator if you speak two different languages. Work on projects while on a trips or work on a project for quarter of a year and make enough money to travel for the rest of the year. 

You can work on Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr for some freelancing jobs.

So this was our list on how to earn money while travelling in 2020. This list is made on the basis of our research and for us these are the most effective ways to work and travel at the same time. There are lots of methods out there in the world but we hope to provide you the best of all. 

This is it how to make money while travelling, hope you guys enjoyed reading our post.

Comment down your views about this post or if you have any opinion feel free to tell us below...

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