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7 Travel movies you should watch during this coronavirus quarantine - Pahadi Travelers

7 Travel movies you should watch during this coronavirus quarantine - Pahadi Travelers
Travel movies to watch in coronavirus quarantine

It's quarantine time and i know everybody is getting bored right now because we're stuck at home, but it's for our wellness and hope you're all at home and safe. 

So, I actually curated a list for you that'll help you to seek some travel inspiration during this time as you know we can't step out of our doors, we'll try to travel from inside of our homes and see the journey through these mediums.

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These travel movies are simply amazing and I'm pretty sure you're gonna love them. You can find some of them on Amazon Prime Video and some on Netflix don't worry I'll specify them for you.

So here's the list...ENJOY :)

1. Into The Wild

Into The Wild is an amazing story of a boy who was a college grad and belong to a great family. Instead of living a prestigious life he leaves all of the materialistic stuff, donates all his savings worth $24000 to the charity and goes out to live in the Alaska wilderness. It's really a must to watch movie for travel lovers most of you have already watched it despite that you should watch it again because it is not a type of movie to get bored with..

Platform : Amazon Prime Video 

IMDb : 8.1/10

2. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Starring the Greek God, Hritik Roshan this movie is a story of three friends Kabir, Arjun and Imran. They decide to take a Bachelor trip to Spain before Kabir's marriage and their trip turns into a great adventure. They get to know the real thing what life is about ? Overcoming fears and living their limited days of life to fullest is what they do. It has a lot of meaningful things and you can learn a lot from this movie. Buy

Platform : Amazon Prime Video and Netflix

IMDb : 8.1/10

3. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is an amazing and light-hearted movie to watch with your dudes. A life Magazine employee turns out to experience some of the great real life adventures. This Movie involves scene of some of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. This Film has inspired a lot of peoples to travel and I'm sure it's worth watching. The secret life of walter mitty is gonna leave a great impact on you..

Platform : Amazon Prime Video

IMDb : 7.3/10

4. Out of Africa

Well this movie doesn't need an introduction i know it's pretty old movie but hold on... It has won 7 Oscars & number of other awards, isn't that enough to convince yourself to watch this movie.,lol.
There are shots that are filmed in Kenya and United Kingdom. Add this one to your List....!

Platform : Amazon Prime Video

IMDb : 7.2/10

5. Wild

Wild is a movie that tells us that travelling is not just about the destination it's about the journey. A real life story in which a young girl starts a journey to travel 1000 miles in order to get recover after the death of his mother. 

Platform : Amazon Prime Video

IMDb :  7.1/10

6. Encounters at the End of the world

Encounters at the end of the world is an amazing travel film and funny too. It's about the people and animals living in the Antarctica. This will give you a glimpse of Antarctica and you'll get stunned after seeing its beauty. You are gonna add this place to your future bucket list for sure after watching this movie. 

Platform : Amazon Prime Video

IMDb : 7.7/10

7. Life of Pie

Life of Pie is an amazing film to watch in this quarantine. Well, it is one of the most popular movies and the cinematography is really worthy. A Young man gets stuck in a boat with a Bengal Tiger after a disaster happened in the sea. He forms an amazing connection with the tiger while on his struggling adventure.

Platform : Amazon Prime video

IMDb : 7.9/10

So that's it guys this was our playlist for you to watch these movies and I hope you guys will find it entertaining and worth watching during this coronavirus quarantine. 

I request you all guys to just stay at home and do whatever you like to do enjoy your hobby, watch movies, start a new bucket list, Plan your next trip. 

Is there any movie we have missed ? Do tell us in the comment box about this...

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See you soon... #stayhomestaysafe

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