April 16, 2020

Why Solo Travelling is trending nowadays and Why it's good for you too - Pahadi Travelers

You may be hearing a lot about solo travelling and you are wondering why solo travelling is on a boom right now. There's a lot of questions to ask about it because it's a topic that can have a good impact on you. There are several benefits of solo travelling and I'll go through that in this post later. 

First Speaking about the statistics, let me tell you some really cool facts about solo travelling that will leave you stunned :

  • Google search trends show a 131% increase in the number of searches for the term 'solo travel' between 2016 and 2019. 
  • 59% of Solo Travelers go alone because they want to experience the world without waiting for someone.
  • 71% of solo travel
  • Laos in Asia votes the cheapest country to travel solo at just $30 a day.
  • 72% of American women are choosing to take solo trips. 
  • 84% of lone travelers are women.
(Source for stats : Condorferries )

Now you've seen that how popular is solo travelling getting nowadays. Let's dive into why is solo travelling popular ? What solo travel is good for you and much more..

Why Solo Travelling is Popular?

A great reason behind this is that many of us are sicked of our daily busy lifestyles, hustles bustles and it's actually very important for us to take a break from this stress. 

Right now you maybe wondering that Why only solo travelling is good for escaping from this stress? We can travel with a group or with a companion because it's travelling that'll help us in getting refreshed what's the matter to travel alone?

Okay so here's the answer to it, Imagine you're travelling with a group of friends or someone you are in relationship with,what happens is that you'll have to follow them step by step you cannot do the things that you want to do by yourself, you make lot of compromises in that trip and if you do things that someone in your group doesn't like then they'll get pissed off right ! Resulting in some tension that'll create on your trip.

While on the other hand you'll see when you travel solo you don't have any responsibilities of others( your group, your friends etc.). You can freely do whatever you want to do without anyone's objection. Moreover, while travelling alone you'll experience vibes that are really different from the others, the constant fear about travelling solo slowly converting into proud to do it.

Well I'm not saying that travelling with groups and friends is a bad idea but it's just not for that situation where you want to get a real break from life and all kinds of stress. 

The Man who goes alone can start today, But he who travels with another must wait till the other is ready

Well said by Henry David Thoreau 

Another reason why solo travelling is trending is that people wants independence they want to do things on their own. They love exploring the world alone so that they can learn how the world works. They be their own mentors on the trip, explain themselves everything, learn how to connect with people, to help themselves in
uncomfortable situations too. 

I think till now you've known why solo travelling is on rise and now it's time to tell you some really amazing things that solo travelling can help you with.

Why Solo Travel is good for you?

Are you excited to know the perks of solo travelling for you, okay so let's go and explore what are those :)

1. You learn from the peoples

People around the world have so much different thoughts, one's thinking completely differs from the other. Some people have really great thoughts and lessons they have learned from life. 

When you meet those peoples you have conversations with them, you learn about them from their words, their actions. This thing leaves a really great impact on your life. Indeed, I've met a lot of people in my life some were really inspirational while some were not. I've learned a lot from every person I met. 

You will get to know how good your communication skills are. How good are you at representing yourself ? You'll make new friends at different places and that'll expand your knowledge. Because you will not have someone by your side to always step forward for you and you've to do the conversation on your own.

2. You'll witness complete Freedom

Who doesn't loves freedom to do whatever you want, even me I really enjoy when there isn't someone to tell me what to do and what not? and I think you love it too. 

You get complete freedom while on your trip as a solo traveller and this is one of the best things that everybody wishes for on a tour. 

There will be a lot of time that you can give to your self consciousness. Lovely isn't it ? 

3. There will be Opportunities for you

Door of opportunities opens for you while solo travelling. You may not be aware of the fact that there will be opportunities for you but indeed there are many of them. 

You can somewhere find relative ideas for your field of study that can help you in making you more smart and knowledgeable. Maybe, you'll find some business model there because as you travel you add experiences with you, all it requires is just a presence of mind which you can only get while a solo trip.

4. You'll Step out of your comfy zone

If you want to be more successful in life or want to be more productive you really need to step out of your comfort zone. You need to understand that this solo trip is happening just because you decided to take one step outside of your comfy zone. It's okay to be little anxious :)

You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone
― Roy T. Bennett

Moreover, you need to overcome whatever fear you have in your mind. Do things that you're afraid from, this will give you an amazing feeling I swear.

5. You get to know yourself more than before

Tackling unusual things, getting out of situations that you haven't thought could happen, or having a chat with someone stranger these are some of the things that'll help you to see yourself from a bright side. 

You'll see your ability to do things when someone is not there to help you. As you know you won't get enough time to find out your strengths and weaknesses but in a solo trip you'll have a great time to find out these, Cheers !

If you'll wait for others to be on your trip, you will never experience the great adventure of solo travelling. Indeed, you'll have a great time with yourself. ❤
Just go ahead and Plan your trip now ! 

What inspires you for solo travelling ? Tell us below

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