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Hello, Our names are Amit Bisht and Ankit Joshi. We are Travel Bloggers from India and love to explore things that exists on this beautiful planet. Coming to our study we are currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology from Computer Science field(i know it sounds great ). Also, we admire food a lot and really just cannot resist it.

So how did we get started ? Well as we love to travel whether it would be a reality or daydream! So in December 2019 we decided to start a Travel Blog so that we can reach out to more people out there and provide them with some of the most useful information so that they can travel without any hassles and moreover giving them an overview of our journeys and helping them to know more about the places.

We are listed at #92 position by Feedspot Under Top 200 Travel Blogs in 2020. We are very thankful for everyone who've supported us till now.

Why we love Travelling ?

Hills of Shimla

Okay so this goes something like this, it's a very special feeling to experience things that you've never experienced before. As you travel to a new place you get to know more about the place and one thing is sure, that place would be very much different from the places you've visited before. You get to eat the new kind of food, new clothings and new environment for sure. lovely isn't it ..

We are currently residing in Delhi NCR and you may have known it, but we have a background from Uttarakhand(A North Indian state known for its beautiful culture and heritage) and that is why we have named this Blog : Pahadi Travelers where "Pahadi" means someone who belongs to the Mountains. 

Are you also a travelling soul ? I'm sure you are gonna love this blog. Since you've come this far you are now a part of our family and I just want to say Thank you so much for supporting us. 

I'm sure Pahadi Travelers will never let you get bored.

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